Shri ShyamJi Tripathi, a strong supporter of Gandhian and Socialist Ideology with Deep Faith in Democracy, leads Samajwadi Janata Party Chandrashekhar as its third President.

Shri ShyamJi Tripathi was born in a humble farmer family in Hariharpur Village in Gorakhpur District, Uttar Pradesh on 1st December 1951. Completed schooling from the local primary school in the Village. Went to the City of Gorakhpur to complete higher studies. Although he followed Science Stream was more interested towards political debates, policies and started actively participating and joined the Bharatiya Yuwak Sangh which was then the most effective student politics group in the State during those days.

Followed a simple, honest and self dependent life from his student days, Tripathi was elected as the Student President of Students Union of Digvijaynath Post Graduate Degree College in Gorakhpur It was the time when the Political Scenario of the Country was worst, and Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan had issued the call for Total Revolution or ‘Sampoornna Kranthi’ during June 5th 1974. Soon the protest spread all over the Country. ShyamJi Tripathi actively participated in the agitations, courted arrested suffered 14 months imprisonment during Emergency.

When four major opposition parties merged to form Janata Party as per the direction of Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan, normally ShyamJi Tripathi also joined Janata Party. Shri Chandrashekhar was made the Founder President of the Janata Party. In 1977, during Uttar Pradesh State Assembly Elections ShyamJi Tripathi met Chandrasekharji for the first time when he came to Gorakhpur for attending a Political Rally. Thereafter ShyamJi Tripathi accompanied, Chandrashekharji during his entourage in Uttar Pradesh. He got the rare opportunity to associate with Chandrasekharji during the complete Election Campaign which helped him to establish accqaintance with the complete party machinery throughout Uttar Pradesh.

ShyamJi Tripathi held various organizational positions in Janata Party ranging from Secretary, Gorakhpur Mahanagar to National Secretary. Stood firmly with Janata Party and Chandrashekharji in all times of crisis and splits the Party faced.

In the early eighties, during the bad times of Janata Party, when almost all power ambitious leaders abandoned the Party leaving the responsibility of Janata Party on the shoulders of Chandrashekharji very few committed Party Leaders like Shyamji Tripathi gathered behind him to strengthen and expand Janata Party under the leadership of Chandrashekharji considering it as the only alternative to Congress, being a Party with Socialist Ideology.

Along with other committed workers under the Leadership of Chandrasekharji Shyamji Tripathi struggled a lot for reviving and rebuilding the party. He was instrumental in making Sarnath National Session, Patna National Session, Pune National Session etc. of Janata Party. Tripathi has also played his major role in making Bharath Yatra from Kanyakumari to Rajghat by Chandrasekharji during 1983 a Grand success.

Shyamji Tripathi has contributed in many small padyatras by Chandrashekharji. During 90’s Shyamji Tripathi was an important functionary as the main close associates of Chandrashekharji.

90s, once again saw Socialist Allies started separating from the Janata Party. Janata Party failed to save its existence. Political circumstances forced Chandrasekharji to cooperate with the creation of the Janata Dal. Chandrasekharji and his followers were aware that the Janata Dal was not built on any ideological foundation. Only certain power-hungred Politicians gathered to form a party to grab power.

Signs of disintegration of that party was evident from day one of its inception basically due to conflict of interests. In the early 90s,Janata Dal faced a split. The one part Janata Dal (Samajwadi) was under the leadership of Chandrashekhar Ji, Chaudhary Devi Lal and Deve Gowda. Shyamji Tripathi was made the National Secretary of the Party. Chandrashekhar ji became the 8th Prime Minister of India representing this Party.
Shyamji Tripathi was in the fore front exhibiting his excellent organizational skills in making the Party Events, Ballia National Session, Lal Qila National Session, Nalanda National Session, Kurukshetra National Session Allahabad [Pryagraj] Special National Session etc. a grand success playing a responsible role in its management system.

His organising skills were evident from the performance of the Nation Wide Yatra conducted by Chandrasekharji from Rajghat, Gandhi Samadhi, to Gandhi’s Birth Place, Porbandar, a self-contained, journey and meetings organized across the country in protest against the economic liberalization policies. Huge Session and Rally was organized at Shivaji Park, Mumbai in protest against the GAT, Dunkel proposal followed by yatras, public awareness campaigns, sessions and rallies.

After the demise of Chandrashekharji during 2008, when Kamal Morarka assumed the Presidentship of Samajwadi Janata Party – Chandra Shekhar, Shyam Ji Tripathi was appointed as the National General Secretary of the Party entrusting the charge of organizational affairs cosidering his vast organizational experiences and organising capacity on 12 April 2016.

When Shri. Kamal Morarka passed away on 15th January 2021,the meeting of the National Executive Members and Presidents of State Units which had its session on 11th February 2021 unanimously elected Shyamji Tripathi as the President of the Samajwadi Janata Party – Chandrashekhar. The Election Commission of India on 24 March 2021 approved & announced Shyamji Tripathi as the President of the Samajwadi Janata Party (Chandrashekhar).

From the first meeting itself ShyamJi Tripathi was so inspired by the way of life of Chandrasekharji, that remained with him till his death and took the oath to take forward the Politic al Legacy of ChandrasekharJi. At the instance of ChandraShekharji, Shyamji Tripathi supported the Movement of the Nepali People to establish democracy in Nepal against the Monarchy.