Our Manifesto

Samajwadi Janata Party (Chandrashekhar) has been established with the clear manifesto of the national integration and development for all above the low-level ideology of classicism, communal partiality and narrowness of mind. The party manifesto has been set based on the integration and development of humanism. The party will not blindly copy the foreign model of development. It will instead evolve a model best suited to the country’s genius and resources. Looking forward to the Integral humanism, it has set its manifesto with its valued model. According to this, India will gain overall development and move upwards on the ladder of global leadership.

In the global scenario, the world politics demands a radical solution to make the world safe and secured from the impending global disasters like terrorism, great economic recession. As India has its high impression in worlds History to make this world a place for living and India is still expected of playing its dominant historic role at this crucial juncture of the modern environment. To make this idea and thought, live on the surface of global politics, Samajwadi Janata Party is committed to work for creating a modern, powerful, prosperous, progressive and secure India.

The party shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India. It will by law establish socialism, secularism and democracy ensuring upheld sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.

By drawing inspiration from Gandhian principles, India’s rich heritage and great struggle made for national independence, the party will establish the nation upward that will grow at an international leadership.

The party is dedicated for making ultimate efforts for all-around uplift of farmers, laborers, villagers, downtrodden, the exploited, etc.

Samajwadi Janata Party (Chandrashekhar) believes in developing a system which can ensure democratic decentralization of political and economic, power and administrative structure:

The party shall continually strive to redraft the constitution of India, which ensures the system, election laws and improvements in the judiciary and judicial system.

The Party will strive to establish a classless and casteless society to eliminate all contradictions and exploitation. The party shall try to establish a true federal system in the country. For this, the party will take steps for ensuring participation of all people in administration and government.