Dr. Shiv naryan singh

While Indubhai Patel, Ram Sunder Das and Om Prakash Srivastava have been made party Vice-Presidents, the five General Secretaries are Ravindra Manchanda, Shiv Charan Singh, Ramvir Singh, Ajeet Singh Parmar and Ayub Khan.
The former Prime Minister has appointed PS Prasad as Treasurer of the Party, and HN Sharma as the Political Secretary to the Party Chief.

The three National Secretaries appointed include Praveen Singh, Vipin Garg and Kumar Sahay, the release said. Chandra Shekhar also appointed Vasantha Nad Kumar as Convenor of All India Women’s Wing of the Party.
All the office bearers, excluding the Secretary General, are the Members of the National Executive Committee. Besides, there are an additional 39 members of the NEC. All state unit chiefs have been invited to the National Executive.

Chandra Shekhar has also appointed his brother Kripa Shankar Singh as Special Invitee to the Committee.