Born in1975 in a farmer family in the village Rahispur, District Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Sanjay Singh remained very close to the farming activities, agriculture and farmers from his childhood days. He has deep understanding about the problems what an average or lower than average farmer has to face in his life. He has seen how most of famers are forced to lead a pathetic life with very low income.  Even in his boyhood days, his heart melted after observing the wretched situation of farmers of India.

When he was 13 years old teenager, he got a chance to witness big Farmer Movement under the leadership of Chaudhary Mahendra Singh Tiket whose popularity reached every corner of India.  When a group of people from Rahispur was about to depart taking food for farmers or revolutionaries who joined a huge farmers conference held in Meerut, he also went there in the same tractor trolley.  Over there he came across a large number of farmers who came from distant places to discuss their problems and find their solutions. He excitingly met with different farmers listening their problems which made him very nervous because of their problems were really huge, and the solutions are unpredicted. He spent the night under the open sky with those farmers and Kishan Union workers who were fighting for rights and up-lift of farmers. He also met with head of the Farmer Union, Chaudhary Mahendra Singh Tiket and came to know his views and the real purpose of the Farmer Movement.

Next morning with all other persons, he returned home, but the incident made him disturbed and thoughtful. His main concern was about how to help farmers in solving their problems and how to give it a successful movement result. Such kinds of problems of Farmers that seemed to be inexplicable could not leave him alone, and his desire got stronger years after year.

After 20 years of this incident in 1996, he also founded a group of farmers as a ‘Sadbhavna and Vikas Sanstha”. This Institute was made for finding appropriate solution of farmers’ problems. His dominant role in bringing this organization with strong platform made other members excited to find such devoted leader. And all of them made him the president of the institute. His revolutionary thoughts dedication for work created a real revolution in the field of farmers and the poor up-lift. He made remarkable efforts for improvement in farmers situation.

When the pious soul of Chaudhary Mahendra Singh Tiket had left this world for Heaven, then he become very sad thinking that farmers had lost their great supporter and leader. Only after one month of Tiket’s death, Sanjay Singh Khutail Joined ‘Kishan Union’, and worked for farmers under its flagship. The efforts made by him, influenced Mr. Rakesh Tiket who announced him the vice president of Meerut Mandal. He raised his voice in favor of farmers and also fought for their rights. He played an active role as a leader in the fight for Sugarcane rate and payment in Bundelkhand and Barabanki. Many times the struggle was made by the Kishan Union under his leadership got success, and farmers were benefited with these movements. But in most of the cases, he found that the governments don’t have good policies for farmers and they don’t want to give real benefit for farmers under right policies. The role of political parties and government is the backbone that can solve the problems by creating and implementing good farmer policies. But he also noticed that most of the political parties did not have approach to the bottom of farmers’ problems. That is why Mr. Sanjay and Mr. Rakesh Tiket thought of entering the politics and they started preparing for participating in the election of Legislative Assembly under the flagship of Bahujan Kishan Dal. Mr. Sanjay Singh Khutail was appointed as Party Pradesh Mahasachiv of Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile he visited Bundelkhand and tried to find out the main problems of farmers. During his visit, they found that the farmers of Bundelkhand were facing the lack of basic required things like food, water, clothes, house and electricity. Most of the political parties made false promises during the election session and got votes of poor farmers, but after making the government, they never tried to help the poor and the labourers and farmers. He visited different places and found various problems of farmers. The first cause of their problem was their limited and very low income that becomes the cause of many other problems like education, food, clothes, girls marriage and many others, these problems made him heartbreak. It was a really typical problem. The farmers who didn’t have food for eating and clothes for covering their body, how was it possible to give dowry in their daughter’s marriage. But on the practical ground, there was no solution of these problems. After fighting for two and half years for up-liftment of farmers and helping them in providing their Sugarcane rate and payment, the party could not be able to fight in the election. And it was almost clear that only ‘Dharna and Pradarshan’ are not enough to find solution of such kinds of problems.

Worried about problems of farmers and helpless for not finding any solution of their problems, he was almost unable to come to conclusion of what to do. He wanted to join a political party which has the ideology of humanity, socialism and farmer upliftment. Some of his followers and friends gave him suggestion to join Samajwadi Janata Party (Chandrashekhar). He was aware of the ideology of Mr. Chandrashekhar and influenced of his working style and policies which the party stands on. The ideology of the party matched to that of Mr. Sanjay Singh Khutail, so he agreed to join the party thinking that he will get chance to do in favor of farmers, the poor, the labour and the downtrodden who need support for living their life. The president of Samajwadi Janata Party (Chandrashekher), Mr. Kamal Morarka made him the National President of Samajwadi Janata Party (Chandrashekhar) Kishan Morcha (Prakost). Now he is actively working for the upliftment of farmers under the flagship of Samajwadi Janata Party (Chandraashekhar) throughout the country.